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Defiance and arrogance is what defines the character of Suh Joon, as the two qualities shield his vulnerabilities. Joon is starved for love. But he acts promiscuously because he is afraid of being hurt in love like his father. Suh Joon is egoistic but not selfish. He cares for his parents but often hurts them because they never really loved him the way he would want them to. Despite his tiff with his father, he decides to sacrifice his love for his father’s happiness. Joon is like his father when it comes to loving only one woman. However, if you ask me to pick one, I would pick Joon over In Ha only because Joon does not believe in stupid nobility and eventually goes for what his heart longs for. (I’m lying. I picked Joon only because he looks drop-dead gorgeous in that funky hairdo.)

Coming to actor Jang Keun Suk, can someone tell me why is Asia Prince JKS (that’s his nickname and also his Instagram profile id) so underrated? Why doesn’t he do good dramas when he is talented enough to pull off complicated roles? Jang Geun Suk is a complete package for a romantic drama. He not only has the looks but also the acting skill required for such roles. In Love Rain, he has played two characters. One is the reticent and withdrawn In Ha and the other is the rebellious and arrogant Joon. JKS portrays both the roles to perfection. His body-language, voice and even expressions are restrained when he plays In Ha of the 70’s. And he undergoes a complete transformation when he becomes Joon. His walk, his hair, his attire, his demeanour change so drastically that you see no traces of In Ha in him. It requires some serious talent to convince viewers of two starkly different characters and make them fall in love with both. I wonder if anybody else can carry off Joon’s quirky hairdo the way JKS rocks it.
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